Thursday, 28 April 2011

WoW for your phone: Order and Chaos Online

Gameloft has finally done the unspeakable. I'm sure many of you have laid eyes upon the screenshot below:
No it's not a photoshop, it's Gaikai

We've all desired deeply for there to be an MMORPG on the iPhone, iPad or some other portable console. Well we were initially enlightened by Gaikai's cloud-gaming technology, an ingenious system which would allow gamers to play games using just an internet browser, thus allowing portable devices such as the iPad and iPhone to run it. Well, it was too good to be true. After an extremely long beta and very limited access to Gaikai's services, I had simply lost all hope. Not anymore, on 27 April 2011, Gameloft released Order and Chaos Online. It is simply the closest authentic experience to WoW at the present moment.

Released on the App Store yesterday, it's a £3.99 download, which includes a three month subscription to the game. After that, you'' have to pay 59p per month (or £1.79 for six months) to carry on the experience. It's the first serious attempt to do a subscription-based MMORPG on iOS.

The game includes four playable races: humans, elves, orcs and the undead. The former two races are what the Order faction consists of, and the latter compose the Chaos faction. The game allows for a maximum of four characters to be played simultaneously, which is fabulous as you can try out every single class. Moreover, levelling is a fundamental part of the game, with more than 1000 skills and over 2000 items to acquire. And no, this isn't a grind-fest, the game guarantees at least 500 quests and an enormous world to explore. The game even possesses parties, guilds, NPCs and even a private/public chatting system. They've definitely packed the essentials, hence why the game is a lofty 589MB download.

The oh-so familiar races on an unfamiliar platform

The "app" is rising through the charts rapidly, it's a sure success... for now. What Gameloft needs to ensure is that they provide regular, chunky updates like their fellow brethren at Blizzard in order to prove a long-term success. It's a game design that's definitely inspired by WoW, so why not follow in its footsteps?

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  1. good game however i feel that it is a bit laggy and that i os is not the ideal suitor for the game. If this game is to be released on the ngp coming out in christmas then it will be something that will take markets by storm. By the way great review :)