Sunday, 1 May 2011

Diablo III: The Barbarian

The barbarian is quite simply the incarnation of brute force. The immense, near-legendary physical stature of the barbarian strikes dismay within allies and foes alike. The barbarian dispatches his enemies in a primordial, savage manner; they are truly the "dual-wielding furies of combat".

The trademark "guns"
Players will be familiar with the barbarian from Diablo II; not much has changed since. The barbarian is the archetypal melee class who has the uncanny ability to dual-wield weapons, nothing special. However what is different is that the barbarian utilises a new system called "stamina". The barbarian must dispense some stamina in order to use his skills. Coupled with a new stat called "fury", which is required for more destructive skills, this creates unique mechanics for the barbarian which are dissimilar to other classes. For example, when enough fury is gained the barbarian invokes powerful whirlwinds and goes into a berserk rampage. The result is that he literally decimates his opponents.
The barbarian possesses three skill trees: Berserker, Juggernaut and Battlemaster. Well, judging by the names, defence isn't a natural part of the barbarian's style.

Here are some of the confirmed havoc-wreaking skills of the barbarian shown in the video below:

In chronological order...
Cleave: A vicious swipe of the sword which destroys anything in its swing.
Groundstomp: An enormously powerful stomp causing any enemies within range to be dazed.
Leap: A terrific jump into the midst of his enemies resulting in a circular aura of electricity striking anything within radius.
Seismic Slam: The barbarian smashes his fists ferociously within the ground creating a linear earthquake wiping any enemies in front of him.
Whirlwind: A 360 degrees continuous spin which can be controlled to decimate hordes of enemies.
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