Saturday, 7 May 2011

Diablo III: The Demon Hunter

Dual-wield crossbows, explosives, traps and shadow magic. Combine all these and what you get is a dark, mysterious ranger capable of eradicating an unfathomable number of enemies. Her sworn objective is to destroy the creatures of the Burning Hell, never resting until the impossible task is complete.

The stare of vengeance
Every demon hunter has an inward force which drives them to fight hellspawn; a past experience of some sort. Most have a stereotypical story of being the lone survivor of a demonic invasion, later being taken in by another demon hunter. There is something within all demon hunters that gives them strength to resist the demonic corruption which would drive lesser men to insanity. The hunters hone this very power and channel it to use the demon's power as their own weapon, thus allowing the use of dark magic. The demon hunter isn't restricted to range weapons, however she is the core-archetype of the ranged class. As a result a very small number of skills will revolve around melee, if any at all. At the present moment, there is a very limited knowledge base for this class; only a handful of skills have been revealed, with no skill trees having been released either. The unique resource for this class is still under development as well. All I can say is that demon hunters are swift attackers that will rely on strategic gameplay. Here's the video for some of the skills revealed so far:

The skills respectively:
Fan of knives: A volley of knives which damages any enemies within its small radius heavily, possibly the shortest "ranged" attack.
Bola: The ranger fires a rope with explosives attached around it, dealing minimal impact damage but considerably more explosive damage.
Molten arrow: A linear trajectory which pierces through enemies and deals serious fire damage. The seared ground deals AoE damage to any foe who walks over it.
Grenade: Small projectiles which explode after a couple of seconds, they can ricochet and bounce off other obstacles making them tough to aim precisely; best used for large crowds of enemies.
Entangling shot: Slows the enemy while dealing damage. Nearby enemies may be chained as well.

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