Friday, 27 May 2011

Diablo III: Mercenaries

Terribly sorry about the long wait till my next update, I've had a lot of exams recently. Anyways, the Blizzard conference call has confirmed a Q3 release for the beta! So be prepared to hack 'n' slash by September 2011 (at the latest). What this confirms is that Blizzard are still aiming for a 2011 release for Diablo III; keep your fingers crossed...

The first update I'd briefly like to cover is the Mercenary system. Basically Blizzard wants every single player out there to have an enjoyable co-op experience with Diablo even with single player campaign. Their target is to make it feel as if you are assisted by a trustworthy sidekick throughout your epic journey. In order to keep the gameplay as swift and smooth as possible, the mercenary will upgrade his/her own armour him/herself. Each NPC has their own ability tree as well, so you can specialise your mercenary to your own requirement! Perhaps you lack healing, so your follower can be a humble healer. Or perhaps you just want to tear down your enemies ruthlessly, then maybe a DPS build is in order. 

I guess I forgot to mention the most important detail... There are 3 mercenaries you can choose from: Enchantress, Scoundrel or the Templar. The three characters will be central figures in the main storyline. Wait! What if I want to try all of the companions? Don't worry, you can obtain all of them, it's just that you can only have one in battle with you. The rest stay at your base camp and you can switch your companions whenever you desire! But what if my Templar is gaining some dust? Again, don't worry. Blizzard have optimised the system so the mercenaries auto-level as you progress through the game so you don't waste time grinding them to your standards. What Blizzard is saying though, is that these followers are a viable option only in Normal mode; they'll be virtually ineffective in the harder modes. Therefore Blizzard is encouraging you to use their Battle Net system and play with other people around the world. Overall it seems to be a pretty neat inclusion in the game.

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