Friday, 27 May 2011

Diablo III: Runestones

In my opinion this is the most fascinating update to Diablo yet. Runestones allow a player to customize each and every skill he/she possesses to their own liking. Not only does it change the mechanics of the skill, but it also redesigns the aesthetics of the ability as well.

There are five runestone types: Crimson, Indigo, Obsidian, Golden and Alabaster. Each runestone affects each skill differently. Runestones also differ in rank; the higher the rank of a runestone, the more dramatic the effect on the skill. Experimentation and discovering your playstyle is a must here as the possibilties are limitless. Not only is there a talent tree system, but the addition of this complex system will diversify gameplay even more. For once in a game, it may be enjoyable to play the same class again and again...

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