Monday, 2 May 2011

Diablo III: The Witch Doctor

Frail, trembling, and slightly hunched-back; the witch doctor is depicted as being physically weak. However his superior spiritual and manipulative abilities make him a fearsome adversary. His powers range from being able to control the minds of enemies, summoning undead creatures without the need of a corpse, to lobbing alchemical projectiles which inflict tremendous damage.

Never judge by looks
The witch doctor is a new class which has been introduced in Diablo III, it's features are reminiscent of the necromancer's from Diablo II. Generally speaking, the witch doctor's style of killing is indirect, often bringing mass-confusion, minions and curses to the battlefield. Nevertheless the witch doctor still possesses  some more "direct" attacks which are just as potent as other classes. If anything, the witch doctor will require more strategic-style gameplay in comparison to the destructive barbarian. The witch doctor possesses the stereotypical mana system found in abundance throughout many RPGs making it similar to a caster archetype. The witch doctor can diversify his role through three skill trees: Zombie, Spirit or Voodoo. The Zombie tree, in the main, will focus on the summoning aspects of the witch doctor. The Spirit tree, true to its namesake, will favour controlling the intangible spirits of enemies, conjure spirits themselves, or manipulate the witch doctor's spirit itself. Finally the Voodoo tree specialises in offensive skills, though it can supplement the Zombie tree by summong "fetishes".
Here are some of the unique chaos-inflicting skills shown in the video below:

Here are the skills respectively:
Mass confusion: The witch doctor brainwashes enemies to fight on your side for a short duration.
Soul harvest: An aura of raw-spiritual power which disintegrates enemies and restores mana as well.
Fire bomb: A demonic projectile which explodes inflicting damage in a small area.
Horrify: A large projection of the witch doctor appears inducing fear within enemy mobs.
Locust swarm: Directs a plague of locusts which spreads ferociously among the horde of enemies.

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