Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Diablo III: The Wizard

Reckless, raw and rebellious are some of the characteristics of this individual. She uses magic to her own nefarious ends; magics forbade for over a millennia to preserve authority and balance. This untameable, headstrong youth neglects any tutelage and dabbles in powerful ancient magics. Negativity may surround this class, but surely enough, only in terms of lore...

Power doesn't lie
in experience
It's the generic mage class albeit in my eyes it's the most interesting class. Even though it has a striking resemblance to the sorcerer from both Diablo I and II, there is a fascinating aura surrounding this class. The wizard in Diablo III has honed her expertise within all schools of magic, wielding immense powers in arcane magics, temporal distortion and even dealing with the stereotypical fire, lightning and ice magics with ease. The wizard's resource pool will be Arcane Power. I'm judging that the wizard will have an ample supply of "Arcane Power" at her dispense though at the cost of a limited health supply, as is the case with all mages. The wizard can finely tune her expertise within one of three schools: Storm, Arcane or Conjuring. Storm skills seems to focus on devastating large numbers of enemies with AoE (Area of Effect) attacks such as tornado and blizzard, though it somewhat lacks passive skills which the other trees provide. On the other hand, the Arcane tree contains a wide array passive skills to bolster various aspects of the class as well as holding some defensive and offensive capabilities. Finally the conjurer class, no surprises here, focuses on summoning objects and other phenomena to deal damage as well as providing many temporary buffs.
Here are some of the stunning abilities of the class:

Here they are in order:
Disintegrate: A beam of raw energy dealing considerable damage to anything in its linear path.
Electrocute: A bolt of lightning arcs from the Wizard's fingertips, damaging and slowing the enemy.
Teleport: Move instantly from one location to another, however it carries a considerable cool down time making it viable only for emergencies.
Magic missile: Purple projectiles which deal damage to the enemy.
Slow time: A bubble of temporal distortion, slowing down any enemy or projectile within its radius; the most interesting skill by far from the limited selection at the present time.

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