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Maplestory New Job: The Cannon Shooter

Brace yourselves. It's a new pirate class. No this swashbuckling hero doesn't carry a gun. Nor does the pirate use a sword, instead the pirate hones his skills with a hefty cannon! The Cannon Shooter is an Adventurer class which will utilise a new type of weapon: the 2-handed cannon. Information is limited at the moment however I can provide some of the skills which have been translated. Word of warning, this is an awfully long post. Click read more below.

All the skill's effects, damage, cost etc. will be listed in bold and will be the max level effect.

Cannon Shooter (1st Job):       

Cannon Splash
Shoots a fireball out, hitting up to three enemies. Targets will continue to take damage over time for a fixed duration. MP 11 Cost, 245% Damage, hits up to 3 monsters, 4 seconds of 50% damage every 1 second

Cannon Punch
A cannon punch that knocks back a large number of enemies. MP 18 Cost, 98% Damage, hits up to 6 monsters, 2 times, 95% chance to knockback

Gigantic Backstep
An emergency escape measure using Cannonfire. Chance to reduce target's speed for to reduce target's movement speed. MP 20 Cost, 210% Damage, hits up to 3 monsters, 70% chance to reduce target's speed for 5 seconds

Cannon Buildup
An improvement to the Cannon, permanently increase Weapon Attack, and Defence. Weapon Attack +20, Physical Defense +250, Magic Defense +250

Fortune Attack
No description added.

Cannon Shooter (2nd Job):

Slug Shot
Shoots many small shots forward, hitting multiple enemies at once. MP 24 Cost, 220% Damage, hits up to 4 monsters, uses 2 bullets

Monkey Bomb Rush
Several explosive oak barrels are thrown out. The barrels will knockback monsters and explode, causing more damage in a fixed area. MP 28 Cost, 50% Damage, hits up to 8 monsters, hits 3times, explodes doing 350% Damage

Cannon Booster
Uses MP to increase weapon speed by 2. MP 11 Cost, 200 second duration weapon speed increase

Monkey Magic
Monkey magic that increases party member's HP, MP, stats, speed, jump, accuracy, 
and avoid for a set amount of time. Can work concurrently with other skills. MP 55 Cost, 300 second duration, HP 300, MP 300, All Stats 20, Speed 10, Jump 5, Accuracy 160, Avoid 160 incresed

Critical Fire
Passive increase to Critical Rate and Minimum Critical Damage. Critical Rate +20%, Minimum Critical Damage +10%

Cannon Mastery
Passively increase the minimum damage and accuracy with a Cannon. Weapon Mastery +50%, Accuracy +120

Pirate Training
Pirate's secret training that increases strength and dexterity. STR +30, DEX +30

Cannon Shooter (3rd Job):

Cannon Spike
Penetrate multiple enemies with a drill. MP 36 Cost, 280% Damage, hits up to 6 monsters 3 times

Monkey Power Bomb
Simultaneously explode multiple bombs, hitting monsters and stunning them. Active Effect: MP 46 Cost, 180% Damage, hits up to 8 monsters 4 times, 95% chance to stun target for 4 seconds Passive Effect: Permanently increase Monkey Rush Boom Damage by 30%

Monkey Wave
Uses sound to attack nearby enemies. Gather up power to release a powerful blast, which does 'maximum output', when it criticals. MP 55 Cost, Maximum 1000% Damage, 95% chance to stun, on Critical 100% chance to do 'maximum output'

Cannon Jump
Shoot into the ground, causing a jump. Nearby enemies will take damage from the shot. MP 35 Cost, 210% Damage, hits up to 6 monsters, and jumps

Oak Roulette
Randomly acquire a buff from an exploded oak barrel. If you are attacked while using this skill, there is a chance the enemy will suffer a status effect. MP 60 Cost, 240 second duration. When attacked 30% chance the target will suffer Darkness, Stun, Freeze, or Slow for 5 seconds. Cooldown 30 seconds

Lucky Dice
Roll a dice for a buff. Get a 1 and get nothing. MP 60 Cost, Buff duration 180 seconds. Cooldown 200 seconds

Cannon Reinforce
Permanently increases weapon attack and weapon speed. Weapon Attack +30, Weapon Speed -1

Extreme Vital
Strengthens Cannon, increasing its attack power and attack speed. Maximum HP +25%, Physical Defense +100%, Status Abnormality Resistance +20%

Cannon Counter
When attacked, there is a chance to counterattack with your Cannon. 20% chance to counter-attack with 160% Damage

Cannon Shooter (4th Job):

Cannon Bazooka
Shoot a powerful cannon at multiple enemies. MP 65 Cost, 650% Damage, hits up to 6 monsters 2 times

Cannon Buster
Unleash concentrated fire on the enemy ahead. MP 53 Cost, 320% Damage, hits up to 3 monsters 3 times

Battleship Nautilus
Command the Battleship Nautilus to attack many enemies. MP 350 Cost, 600% Damage, hits up to 15 monsters 3 times. Cooldown 30 seconds

Magnetic Anchor
Summons forth a powerful magnetic anchor. The magnetic anchor pulls monsters towards itself, causing damage and dealing damage after self-destruction when it expires. MP 86 Cost, 20 second summon duration, at fixed intervals 500% Damage done in a fixed area, pulling monsters. After duration expires 620% self-destruction damage

Twin Monkey Support
Summons elite twin monkey gunners to assist battle. MP 95 Cost, 180 second summon duration, each doing 200% Damage, hits up to 3 monsters

Maple Hero
Increases stats. MP 70 Cost, 900 second duration increasing all stats by 15%

Hero's Will
Cures you from being Seduced. The cooldown decreases as the skill level increases. MP 30 Cost, Cooldown: 360 seconds

Double Lucky Dice
Roll two dice. If they are matching, you gain a very strong buff. MP 60 Cost, Buff duration increase 200 seconds. Cooldown 200 seconds

Hyper Monkey Spell
Monkey Magic's effects are increased. Prerequisite: Level 20 Monkey Magic. MP 80 Cost, 300 second duration HP +700, MP +700, All Stats +40, Speed +15, Jump +10, Accuracy +250, Avoid + 250

Cannon Overburn
Cannon efficiency is improved to its utmost limits, permanently increasing its damage. Also allows for ignoring target defense. Permanently increases damage by 40%, Ignore 20% Monster Defense

Pirate Spirit
Permanently increases chance counterattack, and adds stance. Active Effect: MP 60 Cost, 300 second duration, 80% chance of Stance effect. Passive Effect: Permanently increases counter-attack rate by 15%

Here are the weapons in order of level:

Req Level: 10 
WDEF: +8 
Weapon Attack: +32
7 slots

Req Level: 15 
Req STR: 20 
Req DEX: 15 
WDEF: +12 
Weapon Attack: +37
7 slots

Req Level: 20 
Req STR: 30 
Req DEX: 20 
WDEF: +16 
Weapon Attack: +42
7 slots

Req Level: 25 
Req STR: 45 
Req DEX: 25 
WDEF: +20 
Weapon Attack: +47
7 slots

Req Level: 30 
Req STR: 60 
Req DEX: 30 
WDEF: +24 
Weapon Attack: +52
7 slots

Req Level: 35 
Req STR: 75 
Req DEX: 35 
WDEF: +28 
Weapon Attack: +57
7 slots

Req Level: 40 
Req STR: 90 
Req DEX: 40 
WDEF: +32 
Weapon Attack: +62
7 slots

Req Level: 50
Req STR: 120 
Req DEX: 50 
WDEF: +36 
Weapon Attack: +72
7 slots

Req Level: 60
Req STR: 150 
Req DEX: 60 
WDEF: +40 
Weapon Attack: +82
7 slots

Req Level: 70 
Req STR: 180 
Req DEX: 70 
WDEF: +42 
Weapon Attack: +87
7 slots

Req Level: 80
Req STR: 210 
Req DEX: 80 
WDEF: +45 
Weapon Attack: +92
7 slots

Req Level: 90
Req STR: 240
Req DEX: 90 
WDEF: +51 
Weapon Attack: +97
7 slots

Req Level: 100
Req STR: 270 
Req DEX: 100
WDEF: +56 
Weapon Attack: +102
7 slots

Req Level: 110
Req STR: 300
Req DEX: 110
WDEF: +62
Weapon Attack: +107
7 slots

Req Level: 120
Req STR: 330 
Req DEX: 120 
WDEF: +88 
Weapon Attack: +112 
Charm EXP: +90
Equip tradeblock
7 slots

Req Level: 120
Req STR: 330
Req DEX: 120 
WDEF: +90 
Weapon Attack: +114 
Charm EXP: +90
Equip tradeblock
7 slots

Req Level: 130
Req STR: 400 
Req DEX: 160 
STR: +8 DEX: +4
WDEF: +94 
Weapon Attack: +106
Accuracy: +50 
PVP Damage: +5% 
Charm EXP: +90
Equip tradeblock
Platinum Scissors of Karma
7 slots

Req Level: 140
Req STR: 420 
Req DEX: 170 
STR: +35 
DEX: +20
WDEF: +101
Weapon Attack: +122 
Accuracy: +100 
PVP Damage: +5% 
Charm EXP: +90
Equip tradeblock
Platinum Scissors of Karma
7 slots

Well that concludes an awfully long-winded post! Interesting that the Cannon shooter uses STR as its main stat, one would think that a conventional ranged class would use DEX. Hope you enjoyed it, please comment on what you think of it! Be sure to check out the new Mercedes and Demon Slayer classes which are set to be released alongside the Cannon Shooter in the Legend update.


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