Friday, 3 June 2011

Tomb Raider Reboot; Stunning Trailer Revealed

Tomb Raider is ready to take the franchise in an all new direction for the new year and re-invent Lara Croft in the process. After much teasing, the debut trailer for the highly anticipated reboot has been released. The CG trailer has stunning visuals and sets the mood for a tale of survival. Let's just hope gameplay comes close to the atmosphere of the trailer. Click read more below for more information and screenshots of the upcoming game.

The game is entirely based upon survival, and will take Lara into a deep, disturbing and realistic world where she will literally have to fight to survive. And in the process she will be broken, mentally and physically, before being reborn. The developers promise that we will see Lara in a new light and connect with her in new ways, and as the screenshots below attest, she will be much more likeable and attractive, by simply being more real.

Croft will react to blood, bruising and pain

Beautiful visuals

The game is set to be released in fall 2012.

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