Friday, 29 July 2011

Maplestory New Job: The Demon Slayer

The latest class addition to Maplestory is the Demon Slayer. Originally a member of the Black Mage's forces, the Demon Slayer has turned a new leaf and joined the Resistance. The Demon Slayer utilises a new system called "demon force" which replaces the conventional mana system. Unlike mana, DF is attained by killing more monsters which release orbs and replenish your DF.

With the release of the Demon Slayer, Maplestory has obtained two new types of equips: force shields and sceptres. Sceptres are classified as 1h blunt weapons but what distinguishes them from other BWs is their favourable fast (5) speed. Demon Slayers will be able to utilise both 1h axes and 1h BWs. Force shields are the only way to increase your DF limit. They are all untradeable and cannot be potentialed nor scrolled.

Here are the stats of the sceptres which all are given when you get to the required level. They require no DEX and have 7 slots:

Doomed Sceptre: +29 Attack (level 10)

Dignity Sceptre:  +49 Attack (level 30)

Assurity Sceptre: +69 Attack (level 50)

Demon Bane: +83 Attack (level 70)

Evil Bane: +108 Attack (level 120)
Here are the stats of the force shields (unlevelled):

Force shield of patience: maxDF +20, DEF +10, MDEF +5 (level 10)

Force shield of will: maxHP +150, maxDF +50, DEF +30, MDEF +15 (level 30)

Force shield of power: STR +7, DEX +7, maxHP +350, maxDF +80, DEF +60, MDEF +30 (level 70)

Ultimate force shield: STR +12, DEX +12, maxHP +600, maxDF +110, DEF +85, MDEF +45 (level 120)

All the skills effects, damage, cost etc. will be listed in bold and will be the max level effect.

Demon Slayer Beginner Job:

Devil Wings
You can move quickly using the Devil Wings. (Riding Skill)
150% speed and 120% jump.

Devil Wings
You can move quickly using the Devil Wings. (Riding Skill)190% speed and 120% jump.

Demon Jump
The Devil Wings can be used in a variety of jump skills (high jump, double jump, glide). High jump: jump + ↑↑, double jump: jump + →→ or ←←, glide: jump while in the air.

Demon’s Fury
When attacking bosses, your inner rage increases your damage and additional Force is absorbed. (Link Skill) 10% boss damage and an additional 5 Force is replenished.

Demonic Blood
Demons are born with a strong will and overwhelming charisma.
Gives you level 30 Will and Charisma. You have a 100% stance effect.

Death Cut
There is a chance of instant death when attacking an enemy. When the target is instantly killed, you replenish HP and Force. 5% chance of instant death when attacking. If the effect activates, replenish 5% HP and 5 Force.

Demon Slayer 1st Job:

Demon Slash
Press the attack key several times to attack monsters in front of you up to four times. Absorbs a certain amount of force from enemies. 1st, 2nd: Max Monsters Hit: 6, Damage: 100%, 3rd: Max Monsters Hit: 6, Damage: 90%, Number of Hits: 2, 4th: Max Monsters Hit: 6, Damage: 90, Number of Hits: 3

Devil Slider
Summon the devil's scythe to attack enemies in front of you. HP Cost: 15, Force Cost: 3 per attack, when holding down the skill key, Max Monsters Hit: 8, Damage: 85%, Number of Hits: 3

Demon Booster
Consume HP to temporarily increase your attack speed with 1H Blunt Weapons and Axes. HP Cost: 80, Duration: 180 sec

Dark Agility
Permanently increase Accuracy, Speed, and Jump. Accuracy: +200, Speed: +25, Jump: +20

HP Boost
Permanently increases Max HP. Max HP: +20%
Demon Slayer 2nd Job:

Demon Slash 1st Stage Strengthening
Permanently increases Demon Slash's damage. Demon Slash Damage: +40%

Soul Eater
Pull enemies from in front of you and attack. HP Cost: 45, Force Cost: 6 per attack, when holding down the skill key, Max Mob Count: 8, Damage: 150%, Number of Hits: 4

Dark Thrust
Charge forward, gathering together enemies you pass through. Force Cost: 10, Max Monsters Hit: 8, Damage: 105%, Number of Hits: 3

Demon Trace
Trace nearby enemy's locations and attack. Has a chance to stun enemies, and teleports in a direction defined by the arrow keys. Force Cost: 18, after teleporting, Max Monsters Hit: 6, Damage: 305%, Chance to Stun: 90% for 3 sec

Dark Revenge
Temporarily reflect damage recieved from enemies with a chance to paralyze them. The max damage reflected cannot exceed half of the enemy's max HP. HP Cost: 150, Duration: 180, Damage Reflected: 400%, Chance to Paralyze: 90% for 5 sec

Weapon Mastery
Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of axes and blunt weapons. Weapon Mastery: +50%, Accuracy: +120

Permanently increase weapon attack and critical hit rate. Weapon ATT: +25, Critical Hit Rate: +20%

Physical Training
Permanently increases Strength and Dexterity. Strength: +30, Dexterity: +30

Demon Slayer 3rd Job

Demon Slash 2nd Stage Strengthening
Permanently increases Demon Slash's damage. Demon Slash Damage: +80% (Cumulative Damage Increase: +120%)

Demon Judgement
Attack enemies in a wide area around you dealing devastating damage. Attacks have additional critical hit rate. Force Cost: 40, Max Monsters Hit: 10, Damage: 300%, Number of Hits: 4, Critical Hit Rate: +40%

Death Throw
Pull enemies in a wide area towards you, dealing damage to them. Drawn enemies have a chance to be stunned. Force Cost: 18, Max Monsters Hit: 10, Damage: 190%, Stun Chance: 90% for 5 sec

Blood Raven
Summon a blood-thirsty murder of ravens to attack monsters in front of you, draining some of their health. Force Cost: 25, Max Monsters Hit: 8, Damage: 170%, Number of Hits: 4, Recovers 40% of Max HP, Cooldown Time: 10 sec

Demonic Breath
Use a poison demon's powerful poison to attack enemies around you. Enemies hit will take damage over time. HP Cost: Force Cost: 12 per attack, when holding down the skill key, Max Monsters Hit: 10, Damage: 169%, Number of Hits: 4, Damage Over Time: 135% damage every 1 sec for 8 sec

Dark Endure
Greatly increase Defense, Status Effect Resistance, and Elemental Resistance temporarily. HP Cost: 200, Duration: 180, Defense: +100%, Status Effect Resistance: +80%, Elemental Resistance: +80%

Evil Touch
Increases damage and critical hit rate when attacking a monster that has a status effect active. When attacking enemies with a status effect, Damage: +15%, Critical Hit Rate: +15%

Concentrate your mind to permanently increase damage, and weapon speed by one level. Damage: +20%, Weapon Speed: -1

Force Guard
Add a chance to block enemy attacks using a Force Shield. Upon successfully guarding, you will recover a small amount of HP and Force. Chance to Guard: 30%, Recovers 3% HP and 5 Force

Max Force
Increases the amount of Force acquired with Demon Slash, as well as automatically recovering a set amount every four seconds. Chance to recover addition Force when using Demon Slash: 75%. Recover 10 Force every 4 seconds

Demon Slayer 4th Job:

Demon Slash Final Stage Strengthening
Permanently increases Demon Slash's damage. Demon Slash Damage: +160% (Cumulative Damage Increase: +280%)

Demon Explosion
Make enemies float into the air, and then deal fatal amounts of damage. Damage dealt after the floating action is guaranteed to be critical. HP Cost: 600, Force Cost: 80, Max Monsters Hit: 10, Damage: 500%, floating enemies after. Damage: 375%, Number of Hits: 4 (Critical Hits), Cooldown Time: 5 sec

Demon Impact
Momentarily unlock your potential, attacking monsters with lethal damage. Demon Impact has additional Critical Hit Rate, as well as lowers target's defense, and does extra damage to boss monsters. Force Cost: 60, Max Monsters Hit: 3, Damage: 400%, Number of Hits: 5, Critical Hit Rate: 100%, Enemy Defense: -50%, Damage vs Boss Monsters: +30%

Devil Cry
Momentarily unlock your potential, attacking enemies in every direction with a mighty cry. Decreases target's Attack, Defense, Accuracy, and increases EXP, and Drop Rate. HP Cost: 500, Force Cost: 50, Max Monsters Hit: 15, Damage: 210%, Number of Hits: 5, Threaten status effect. Duration: 15 sec, Enemy Attack and Defense: -15%, Accuracy: -20%, EXP and Item Drop Rate: +20%, Cooldown Time: 15 sec

Dark Bind
Temporarily lockdown enemies, dealing damage over time. In addition, provides a passive ability to ignore a portion of a monster's defense, as well as Dark Impact's Boss Monster effect applying to all monsters. Active Effect: Force Cost: 80, Max Monsters Hit: 15, Damage: 900%, 100% chance to lockdown and deal 200% damage per 1 sec for 20 sec, Cooldown Time: 120 sec. Passive Effect: Ignore 30% Monster Defense

Infinite Force
Consume all your Force to temporarily use Force-based skills without limit. Skill cooldowns, however, are not ignored. Force Cost: 120, Duration: 30 sec, Cooldown Time: 300 sec

Vampiric Touch
Temporarily convert damage done to enemies to HP for all party members. Max HP recovered cannot exceed 3% per hit. Force Cost: 50, Duration: 180 sec, Recover 3% damage to Party Member's HP

Temporarily unlock your potential power, increasing your damage and max HP. While in the metamorphosis state, two dark orbs will rotate around you, dealing damage to monsters automatically. HP Cost: 300, Force Cost: 75, Duration: 180 sec, Damage: +30%, Max HP: +20%, Orb Damage: 150%

Maple Warrior
Increases the stats of all party members. HP Cost: 500, Duration: 900 sec, All Stats: +15%

Advanced Weapon Mastery
Increases 1H Blunt Weapon and Axe Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage. 1H Blunt Weapon and Axe Mastery: +70%, Weapon ATT: +30, Minimum Critical Damage: +15%

Hard Skin
Permanently increases your defensive abilities so you take less damage from enemies. Damage Taken: -20.0%

Hope you enjoyed the post! Be sure to comment on what you think of the class. If you haven't already make certain that you check out my Mercedes and Cannon Shooter posts. They are the two other classes being released along with the Demon Slayer for the Legend update.


  1. RandomStranger31 July 2011 at 06:53

    What are those (3) meters on the side?

  2. Sorry I don't understand?

  3. So you dont need to buy the scepters but they are just given to you?

  4. how do you become a demon slayer is it a seperate job you choose on the screen before you make a character?

  5. As it is a new job, it's separate on the screen to promote it. However I suspect that they'll soon be put under resistance when they become old. The scepters I think have to be acquired in game. On the other hand, the force shields are given at the specified level.

  6. do u go on resistance i want to be a demon slayer sooooooooooo badly

  7. wat do u chosse? is it resistace or explorer

  8. i think its resistance but where do u go when u choose a job i want the demon slayer job

  9. its not out yet u idiots lololol

  10. would like to ask there are 2 skills named devil wings. can i ask where to get it?

  11. The devil wings are the equivalent of the Demon Slayer's Mount. Therefore I think those 2 skills are given via a quest at specific levels. Probably level 50 and 100?

  12. Soon with all the classes, the Create a New Character screen will be so cluttered. They will probably have to have a picture for Explorers, Cygnus Knights, Adventurers, Heros, and Resistance, and then when you click on them there will be a new set of pictures that relate to each separate job in that subset (this would only apply to the Adventurers and Heros though).

    Awesome blog by the way. Props to you :P

  13. GUYS GUYS it will come in its own icon along with other 2 legends dec 8/9= Cannoneer dec 19=Mercedes jan 11=Demon Slayer take note You start at lvl 10 and you do you the sceptres as you do you job adv

    Thank You!!!

  14. the legend character all have their own spot cuz they r special everything else got down sized everything else is sooo little u cant see them

    The weapons you get as a demon slayer for example: (Evil bane).
    Do those weapons refill the rage bar quicker then other Blunt weapons?

    Please answer this question quickly! :)

  16. can i still become a demon slayer?

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