Saturday, 7 April 2012

New Diablo III Website

Leading up to the highly anticipated launch of May 15, Blizzard have released a new website for Diablo III in an effort to build more hype and release more information pertaining to the world of Diablo. Each week, the website will reveal exclusive content about one hero.

The website will also allow fans to unlock content for the game itself. Each week players will have access to the "Mark of Valor," which is Diablo 3's banner creation system, via their browser. Make a banner, earn a sigil, rinse and repeat every week. You also earn sigils (symbols you can show proudly on your banner) by sharing cosplay and art submissions through social media. Keep in mind there are no weapons or armor to be unlocked, just banner sigils. 

The first hero to be uncovered is the Demon hunter. I won't say much, the information is on the website. But I'll leave you with this awesome video to drool over while we wait for the game to finally be in our grasp.

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