Thursday, 19 April 2012

Tera's Island Of Dawn

With Tera (the latest MMO around the block) just over the horizon with a release date of May 1, Bluehole and En Masse have released a new trailer for the Island of Dawn. It's a tutorial zone that teaches the basics of combat which is extremely fast-paced in this particular MMO.

You start off with the conventional demons, shipwrecks and the exploration of unfamiliar territories. Pretty standard stuff for lovers of the genre. What's startlingly different for this MMO is the fighting. You can dodge, jump, and combo much like an action game, which is a refreshing take on the more traditional (and often boring) combat systems found in World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic.  In Tera, if your attacks don't physically collide with the target, they don't work. Traditional MMOs use a virtual series of dice rolls, but with Tera it's up to whether you're skilled enough to follow a moving target and time your attacks accordingly. Basic mechanics for your standard action game, sure, but for fully-fledged MMOs, this is still fairly new territory.

If you didn't check out Tera in its closed beta testing phase, an open beta weekend will start up on Friday April 20 and run through April 23, where you'll be able to level characters up to 32. If you pre-ordered Tera, your character won't be wiped in advance of the May 1 launch date, and you'll also get to start playing for real a few days early, April 28, as part of the Head Start program.

It seems like an awesome game from my initial impressions. Although one may argue that there isn't much of an appetite left for MMOs with SWTOR released and Guild Wars 2 nearing, it is still a game that you should keep yours eyes peeled open.

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