Friday, 13 April 2012

Tribes Ascend Officially Launches!

This is one online FPS you definitely want to check out. Hi-Rez Studios announced that they've completed the beta test for Tribes: Ascend. You can download the game and starting playing for free right away; it's definitely one of the best free online FPS games out there at the moment. The video above (courtesy of IGN) gives a brilliant overview of the game as it stands.

Stunning visuals, skill-based, and fast paced. What more do you want?

The company bills Ascend as the "world's fastest shooter." Jetpacks and vehicles play a prominent role in gameplay. It's a much different feel than other shooters. Finding your enemy isn't the challenge; hitting him while the two of you soar past each other at high speed is. Even though some aspects of the game are unlocked via real-life purchases, the majority has to be unlocked through XP points. Furthermore, it's a skill-based game to the core. And I guarantee that if you are adept at this game, you will not be overhauled by a newcomer who happens to have bought his way through the game.

Without further ado, here's the link to the website.

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