Monday, 7 May 2012

Guild Wars 2: The Warrior

With Guild Wars 2 just around the corner, I decided to give you guys a flavour of each profession. Every Monday I shall post an in-depth analysis for all of the eight professions. First of all professions define a character's skill set, attributes, armour much like character classes in other RPG games. The warrior is your archetypical melee class; a brute who relies on raw strength to devastate his enemies while donning heavy armour to withstand the strongest of blows.

The warrior is a master of the crafts of war. Perhaps you want to dual wield maces? Maybe a sword or an axe? What about a greatsword? Erm, are shields viable? What about a rifle/longbow for some ranged dps? Well the answer to all those questions is yes; the warrior is extremely versatile in this particular RPG. You can switch weapon sets between in combat (and obviously out of combat) however it triggers a cool-down to prevent constant flip-flopping between weapons. It all seems pretty straightforward, but what if you want to specialise? That's where the trait system comes in. Traits aren't simply Guild War 2's talent system. Rather than spending automatically accumulated points to customise your power, traits are earned through a series of challenges. For example, in the warrior's case he may challenge a legendary fighter to a duel. Each class set has a set of traits. For the warrior, these traits are categorised into five sections: Strength, Arms, Defence, Tactics and Discipline. Here's the full list.

Armour clad and lethal.
The warrior possesses a number of special skills. Stances provide the user with bonuses. Chains provide the warrior with lethal combos; you can squeeze in a combination of 3 skills that normally share one skill slot into a single key for a devastating effect. Warriors can also call down banners which provide his allies with buffs. Shouts provide a large AoE buff to allies or debuffs to enemies. And finally there are charge skills which as the name suggests enables the warrior to power up certain moves to make them even more impressive.

Like most warrior classes in RPGs, the resource pool for the class grows stronger within combat. It's been called "adrenaline" but it works similar to rage/fury found in other games. The longer you stay in combat, the more it grows and you can spend the accumulated adrenaline on a burst skill which has a variety of effects such as more damage, increasing skill duration, adding additional conditions etc.

Hmm... which one should taste my blade first?
As a result of all this, the warrior can both tank and dish out damage efficiently. It's your standard class found in many RPGs, but nonetheless it's endless fun hacking and slashing away. Be sure to comment on what you think of it! 

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