Saturday, 25 May 2013

Torchlight II: Synergies Mod

A "mod" or modification is a small adjustment or addition to a game not made by the original developers. This mod in no shape or form is small. Synergies Mod is a complete refurbishment of the mechanics and gameplay for an already spectacular game. Salan, the main developer for this mod, knows exactly what the masses want and has it delivered it in one clean, swift blow.

In my eyes, the most exciting feature of this mod is that there are three new classes. Yes, not one, not two but three entire classes. The necromancer, paladin and warlock are all wonderful additions to the game. Now, I know what you're thinking: the guy's probably re-skinned some of original classes' moves to these so-called new classes. Truth be told, there are far more completely unique moves and mechanics introduced through this mod. An example of this is the necromancer's zombie horde summon skill. An army of the undead at your service; sounds pretty overpowered right? Well, balancing is done efficiently through the regular patches for the mod so you don't need to worry about any game-breaking mechanics. 

Clean interfaces

Perhaps the other main addition content-wise is a complete rework of end-game design. First of all, say goodbye to the Enclave and welcome Table Mountain, your new hub once you've reached a sufficient level. Table Mountain is host to new end-game quests, enchanters and new NPCs. This area is the gateway to over twenty-four new raid dungeons and overworld maps, all with unique world bosses (including trolls and dragons). These new areas make up an entirely new act within the game progression; that's a heck of a lot of content to plough through! Not only that but there are over a hundred new elite and hero monsters which can also spawn randomly throughout your journey before end-game. To provide further incentive, there's five legendary sets and twenty-four legendary weapons added to the loot tables for these monsters. All of them uniquely skinned.
An end-game set
There are plenty of other features that will keep you busy well before you reach level one-hundred. There's a bottomless dungeon called Tartarus which scales with player level and becomes progressively harder. There's plenty of new faces and hairstyles to choose from. Gameplay mechanics for the vanilla classes are also streamlined allowing access to more powerful skills at an earlier level. This doesn't make things easier as such but just allows you to keep up to pace with the dozens of unique, harder monsters spawning everywhere.
A level 42 summoning skill, at level 16
Finally, all this content is multi-player friendly provided you and your friends all have the same version of the mod you can play with each other over LAN or the internet. Simply put, Salan has pushed Torchlight II beyond its boundaries. Gameplay is harder, better, faster, stronger. The replay value of the game, which was already phenomenal, has increased twofold. Often a company's product doesn't quite meet the public's expectations. Runic Games, quite cleverly, left it to the public themselves to add whatever they wanted. And my god was that a wonderful decision.

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